Effet Création & fabrication Française
Hand-made trimmings and modernity
It’s our ancestral heritage and contemporary foothold in the fashion world that nourishes the inspiration behind our brand.

French prestige and expertise :
Our core business of “handmade trimmings" showcases our traditional expertise passed on through the generations. Cords, soutaches, princesses... are assembled in no time in our workshops to become finishing items such as brandebourgs, tassels, macarons... or to be made into finished products: handbags, clutch bags, mobile phone cases, belts or other fashion or home decoration accessories.

Creativity and modernity :
Our company, EFFET PASSEMENTERIES, specialised in fashion, has worked and created for many years for all the big names of the haute couture in France and internationally.
Collections in limited
editions and tailor-made creations
Fashion and home decoration accessories in limited editions.
All the items of our collections are hand made in limited editions in our workshops based in the Rhône Alpes region of France. If one of them catches your eye, then with our brand you have the possibility of personalising them in the colour of your choice. And if you're a bit of a sewing bee, you can add a haberdashery item like an applique or tassel and make them even more unique!

Tailor-made fashion accessories >
Just what you need if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind item created for you to match the colours and patterns of your evening dress, formal wear or your latest buy. Tailor-made handbags, mobile phone cases, jewellery or belts and lots more must-have accessories!
Create your tailor-made accessory…